The Idaho Botanical Garden and Winter Garden

The Idaho Botanical Garden stretches across 14 acres of rich fertile land that is as beautiful in summer as it is in winter. While it provides a festive mood in the summer months with a lot of flowers, butterflies and other small animal and plant life, in the winter season, it gets transformed into a family-friendly wonderland that is quite unique to Boise, Idaho. Over 550,000 units of energy-efficient bulbs illuminate the wide expanse of land, adding an aura of mystery to the already ominous experience. The best time to go in winter would be the winter solstice when the darkest day of the year occurs.

Meditation Centre

Boise boasts of one of the best meditation centres in the state at The Source. The classes are a way of looking into yourself, and not only do they provide guided meditation classes, but also breathwork and Tai Chi classes.

The Ski Hill at Bogus Basin

The Ski Hill

Boisains love Bogus Basin, and it is one of their most favourite winter weekend destinations ever. It is located just 16 miles away from the heart of the city and makes it one of the most ideal spots for the winters. The downhill and cross country skiing adds a whole new dimension of fun to the mix, and it is so easily accessible that locals even go skiing on weekdays and even during the night because the routes are so well lit. If you are not into skiing, you can always try tubing too. With a conveyor belt system available to lift you back up to the top, what else do you need?

Edwards Greenhouse For Winter Decor, House plants and Yoga

This is one place that definitely needs to be visited if you are in Boise in the winter season. The warmth and floral aroma that radiates from within the place will be in stark contrast to the chills of the winter raging outside. The end of January fills the entire greenhouse with the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine vines as they bloom in full glory. In addition, the greenhouse also offers yoga classes, a gallery of house plants and the most spectacular winter decor.


There are several areas close to Boise that rent out snowmobiles, meaning that you can spend all day racing around the backcountry. You can even take a trip up to McCall and ride your snowmobile to the Burgdorf Hot Springs for a little bit of extra adventure. This remote place can be accessed so easily only during those winter months, so try to make good use of it while you can.


Egyptian Theatre

You can always catch a holiday flick at the famous Egyptian Theatre if you aren’t in the mood for travel. You can even order a drink to be sent up to you to enjoy the movie in suave.