Biking in Downtown Boise

Boise is one of the most bicycle-friendly tourist destinations ever. There are bike tracks everywhere, and the almost completely level roads across the city give bikers the best cycling experience. Some inns and restaurants provide complimentary bikes as well because of the popularity of biking among tourists in the region. The sidewalks are wide and spacious, having separate lanes for bikers and pedestrians, so if you want to explore the city thoroughly, get a bike and go!


Hyde Park

A relic representing the city’s rich historical past, Hyde Park is on the National Historic Register for a couple of good reasons. First of all, many buildings that have stood the test of time have been preserved quite effectively in their original state. The tree-lined streets, the mom and pop shops and the warm home stay offered in this retail area tucked away in a residential neighbourhood makes it a fun, unique experience that has something for everyone. It has several parks and biking areas that can be explored by walking or biking across the place. It has several boutiques and ice cream parlours as well.


Table Rock

A 3.7-mile loop trail just outside of Boise, Table Rock is one of the best places you can go to get a good view of the entire city. It is located just outside Boise, and the trail is fairly easy to navigate with a steady incline. You can go either in the morning to watch the sunrise over the low hills, or during sunset. It is a hike, so pack the essentials like sunscreen, hiking boots, hats, water bottles etc. It typically takes over 45 minutes and so tries to go with partners or friends.

Cascade Raft And Kayak

Whitewater rafting near Boise at Cascade Raft and Kayak is one of the best experiences you can get at the place. It is just 45 minutes located north of the city, with activities for all ages and skill levels, be it a family run, professional or family-oriented activity. There are at least a dozen or more whitewater rapids, all classified class 2 and class 3. The staff at the place is highly professional, extremely warm and friendly people and know exactly how to provide the best time possible to the customers.

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Literary fanatics would love this very classy art, and writing themed festival. It is held every summer in one of a kind outdoor theatre. Some of the top shows at the theatre include Hamlet, Wait Until Dark, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tempest among others. It is also a good opportunity to learn about the acting community in Boise. The city has produced some of the finest actors ever known. A worthy mention would be TV series Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul who played the legendary role of Jesse Pinkman in the series.